Tonight (Rap Remix) F. Elise Estrada – A-SLAM | GPS

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Tonight is about just that, having a great night out. The original was sang completely by Elise Estrada.  Thanks to all the fan luv, the track received Cross Canada Radio play, and Charted in the top 100 along side Calvin Harris and DJ Khaled. As I get ready to record my first debut album as […]

Trap of the Bells – Merry Christmas

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When I can’t use words to express myself, music has always been there. Growing up, Christmas never really resonated with me, and being so poor I actually hated it. But it was the music that you would only hear during Christmas that I really loved, and this song always connected to me. We are happy […]


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 Our collabs with FAZE continue!! After featuring on both our albums, it was time for us to produce two tracks for FAZE, “Top Off” and “Get Money”. “Get Money” is not about flashing ice, or cars, or cribs. It’s a song about actually getting money. With so many people, especially on Instagram, spending hours […]

Bad Boy Video

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 If you’ve been watching the news in Vancouver, you’ve probably seen multiple stories about gang violence in our city. Often, the face of these stories are young South Asian males who have gotten involved in gangs, which often means they are also involved in dealing drugs, violence and other criminal activity. This is a […]

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