Bout Us – A true Love Story

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“Bout Us” was a hard song to the write, because the story hits so close to home. If you have ever been told you can’t be with someone because of their religion, their cast, their color, their culture or any other label, you know how it feels. But instead of being held back by the people around them, “Bout Us” is the true story of DESIFEST founder SatsB and his wife Michelle, and their will to overcome.

The video pays tribute to their journey.

Racism and religious tensions within the South Asian community actually have roots in colonization. The British colonized India for over 200 years by deploying divide-and-conquer tactics. This was their way of consolidating power in colonies across the world. To compare, this was also why the British Empire heightened conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, to ultimately take control over Ireland.

Different religious communities lived in peace and harmony for centuries prior to British Rule. The divide-and-rule policies of the British tore these communities apart and turned them against each other These tensions tragically culminated in 1947 during the Partition of India and Pakistan, where millions of people lost their lives. And to the legacy of the divide-and-rule paradigm continues to fuel religions tensions in day to day lives as well in the global geopolitical landscape.

Even the smallest story can sometimes be a view into a huge issue. And so to you, I want to say thank you for watching, listening, and sharing. Find “Bout Us” on your favorite platform here:

The greatest form of activism is to chose love over hate.

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