Tera Swag (F. ishQ Bector)

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“Tera Swag” or “Your Swag” or “Your Vibe” is about the first moment when you see the love of your life. In that first glance you see more than just the exterior of the person, but the interior. The dreams, the goals, the trials and tribulations. The total history of that person is conveyed in the energy you feel during that first encounter. Before anything is actually said. I see a Queen.

Myself and ishQ tried to encompass this moment in the song, not only with the lyrics but with the instrumentation as well. The song goes straight to the ‘drop’ an unconventional layout for a love song. The purpose of this is to simulate the instant rush of your heart pounding, before it calms and your brain takes over.

The short length of the song is deliberate as well, to convey how many emotions, thoughts, and feelings can be created in the moment when two energies come together.

I was able to debut this song at a beautiful Fusion wedding in Vancouver at the end of last year, and the result is the stunning visual you see here.

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