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 Our collabs with FAZE continue!! After featuring on both our albums, it was time for us to produce two tracks for FAZE, “Top Off” and “Get Money”. “Get Money” is not about flashing ice, or cars, or cribs. It’s a song about actually getting money. With so many people, especially on Instagram, spending hours […]

Bad Boy Video

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 If you’ve been watching the news in Vancouver, you’ve probably seen multiple stories about gang violence in our city. Often, the face of these stories are young South Asian males who have gotten involved in gangs, which often means they are also involved in dealing drugs, violence and other criminal activity. This is a […]

#METOO Hits Close To Home

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We recently released a music video, for our song titled “Gone.” The video is based on the night that my mother ultimately decided to leave my father. I wanted to talk about “Gone” in the wake of the #MeToo movement because I wanted my mom’s story to be a part of this conversation. “Gone” is […]

Where Do We Go? #RIPAVICII

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When I first went back into producing, I watched #Avicii’s #FutureMusic tutorial religiously. This tutorial helped create our House Music inspired songs on our album. Including our latest music video, ‘Where We Do We Go?’ The hook line, “Where Do We Go from Here?” I think describes how many people have felt after hearing about […]

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