A-SLAM Releases “4 U” Album + Music Video

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Juno-Nominated A-SLAM Releases “4 U,” a 7-track album accompanied by a cinematic music video dedicated to his Mother.”

Vancouver/Unceded Coast Salish Territory –  April 25, 2022

“If I could inhale for a second, exhale for a second, I would breathe that second 4 U”
The lyrics that inspired a song that led to an International Songwriting Award, for Best/R&B song, with no other than Sean Paul as one of the judges!

A-SLAM is well known in Metro Vancouver as one of the hottest DJs in the private events scene, DJing almost 100 events a year with the Divinity DJs. He is also a sought-after producer and has worked with DJ Sanj, Chin Injeti, Inez Louis, Elise Estrada, Adam H, Aaron Ross (The Boom Booms), Lady Sinncere, Christie Lee, and ishQ Bector, just to name a few. But his passion for music started as an MC, and during the slowdown in live events over the last two years, he was able to produce his debut solo album; a 7-track journey through the East-Meets-West experience.

A-SLAM explains, “This album is a culmination of all my musical experience and my own personal growth journey in finding my own voice again over the last 5 years. And so, I really hope this album gets people in a vibe that they feel they can just be their authentic selves.”

Accompanying the album release is a powerful and beautiful music video paying homage to the unique relationship between adult children and their mothers, created by an all-women-led creative team, including AJ Simmons, Emma Djwa, Kristine Cofsky, Hayley Sawatzky and led by director Kamantha Naidoo. The video puts an emotional and creative spin on a traditional Mother’s Day photoshoot and features A-SLAM’s actual mother who came to Vancouver as a refugee from Uganda in the 1970s. The video was supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia.

Following its release, the album was quickly picked up by industry insiders based in New York who are already pitching the songs for upcoming TV Shows and Movies that include South Asian themes.  “There are English movies and Western-focused TV shows with South Asian leads, cast members and even full casts of South Asian actors, catered for the Non-Resident Indian population” A-SLAM comments, “however, many of these shows lack the type of fusion music needed to accompany the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures portrayed on screen. I hope that my album, which fuses Bhangra, Bollywood, R&B and of course Hip-Hop influences, can add a new dimension to the East meets West movement that we see on screen.”

To get links to stream the “4 U” album and watch the Mother’s Day-themed music video, visit: https://www.globalpartystarters.com/a-slam-4u/

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