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Our collabs with FAZE continue!! After featuring on both our albums, it was time for us to produce two tracks for FAZE, “Top Off” and “Get Money”. “Get Money” is not about flashing ice, or cars, or cribs. It’s a song about actually getting money. With so many people, especially on Instagram, spending hours of their life trying to portray an image and lifestyle that they don’t actually live, “Get Money” is about taking that time and going out and grinding.

We live in a world of “Fake it ’till you make it” instead of being honest with where you are, and where you are trying to go. For this reason, the visuals for “Get Money” are extremely simple: a back drop, some lights, smoke and 1 camera. No expensive cars, no jewelry, no paid models, nothing. We wanted the focus to be on the lyrics and the message. The story line that FAZE really wanted to work into the video was about the “Record Deal.” Again, this ties back to the theme of really grinding it out. We all hear about horrible contracts that artists have to fight to get out of. There are no shortcuts. You might think you are getting an “advance” but how much money is that really, and what are you giving up in return?

Remember half of what you see in music videos and on peoples Instagram feeds, is fake. Rented cars, rented cloths (that are purchased and then returned), fake ice, knock off brands, fake houses that are actually Airbnb’s, the list doesn’t stop. None of this is important. What you actually do and accomplish is most important whether that actually makes money or not, long as its true to yourself. And if your goal is to make money, then focus on the actual dollars and investments, not wasting money on trying to show the world on social media that you have money. The line “I don’t see no Gucci chain” refers to a picture of Bill Gates with Mark Zuckerberg, together being worth 138 billion dollars, but not wearing a single piece of “brand name” clothing or any jewelry.

If you like the track, the video, and the message, you can download Get Money and our second new song with Faze, Top Off, here:

Get Money

Top Off

Get Money + Top Off Zip File

(To download, on your computer or smart phone, click the link, while the song is playing, click the 3 small dots and look for “download”, or a small arrow that also means download.  Iphone users use the download app of your choice, and download the zip file to access the mp3s.)

I wanna thank Faze as well for letting me get back to doing vocals. When I first got into producing music 10 years ago, me and Faze MC’d a few big tracks together. He’s been one of the artists encouraging me to get back to doing vocals. So, I want to thank him for providing me space in his tracks to get back to my passion.

Last, thank you to the BC Music Fund for helping create these two tracks, and of course you for taking the time to watch, listen and share. For the full credits check out our Instagram post.

To stay up to date on all of FAZE’s new releases, follow him on Spotify, and on his Instagram Page.

We always want to hear from you. Drop a line below, or comment on the Instagram post, please share your own thoughts and experiences. If you like what you hear, don’t forget to check out our full album HERE. Faze features on the banger “Can’t Handle This”.

As always, we appreciate all of your support as we grind,

Much Love,
Global Party Starters

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