The Name [Visuals] Starring Shastina Kumar

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I want to give a big thank you to Shastina Kumar for helping me bring this visual to life. “The Name” is a bridge between East and West cultures, an ode to the NRI experience.  And so I wanted to highlight this experience, but also the power that this dual experience gives us.  I know […]

The Name – A-SLAM x DayBreak x Gurteshwar

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  The Name is a song about arrival. When people start to hate on what you’re doing, you have 2 things you can do, you can listen to them and quit. Or you can believe in yourself and push through. And in Hip-Hop there’s a third thing you can do, you can respond. So here’s […]

Home #WeAreAllMaple [Official Music Video]

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Home #WeAreAllMaple – A-SLAM F. Seven Taviss Directed by Gary Chatha MAPLE BATALIA (MAR 04 1992 – SEPT 28 2011) Born near Mumbai, 19-year-old Maple Batalia was an aspiring actress and was attending Simon Fraser University in hopes of becoming a doctor, when she was stabbed, shot and killed by her ex boyfriend as she […]

Tera Swag (F. ishQ Bector)

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“Tera Swag” or “Your Swag” or “Your Vibe” is about the first moment when you see the love of your life. In that first glance you see more than just the exterior of the person, but the interior. The dreams, the goals, the trials and tribulations. The total history of that person is conveyed in […]

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