Where Do We Go? #RIPAVICII

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When I first went back into producing, I watched #Avicii’s #FutureMusic tutorial religiously. This tutorial helped create our House Music inspired songs on our album. Including our latest music video, ‘Where We Do We Go?’ The hook line, “Where Do We Go from Here?” I think describes how many people have felt after hearing about his death. I hope you enjoy the song, and remember this great producer at the same time.

Another big part of this song and our GPS Music projects in general, is a focus on people of color. Nizzy is an up-and-coming #Fijian Mc and Dj. The cast, Myself and the lead female Analita, Kam and others are all also of South Asian background including Sun Gill who was behind the camera. South Asians and people of color are drastically under-represented in the Canadian music industry and I hope to keep addressing this disparity with more Global Party Starters songs and videos.

Download “Where Do We Go”.

At the end of the video, you will see a call for information. Majority of this video was shot at Cabana Night Club in Vancouver. An amazing club, whose team, including head promoter Tubbs, have been more than supportive of our music. Helping us shoot not only this video but our previous video “Tonight”. Sadly, on Jan 26th 2018 one of their promoters, Kris Thind, was killed outside the club trying to break up a fight.

Having worked in the club scene for over 5 years and having several friends currently working and DJing in clubs, not only in Vancouver but across Canada, the story of Kris pains me. People who devote their life to entertainment truly put other people’s experience before their own. I hope justice is brought soon, and an example is set that these events are not places for egos, violence, and other negative actions, especially not murder. These events are a place to enjoy and celebrate life.
Let’s make sure Justice is brought for Kris’s life. If you have any information about this incident please contact the Vancouver Police Department.

To see the full credits, check out our instagram post, with everyone tagged:

If you enjoyed this track, make sure you check out our brand new album, Tonight.


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