Collab with Lilly Singh & Humble the Poet

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I wanted to give you the quick story behind the track “Intro No.1”. This is the first track on our debut album “Keep Us On Your Radar”.

While flying in a plane to Toronto, I really felt like doing something Toronto-focused that I could play for people while I was out there. I reached out to Humble the Poet, and he was nice enough to send me the vocals to the internet smash and Toronto anthem IVIVI.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanii and Humble the Poet, are YouTube superstars. If you haven’t seen their work, please look them up!

It was an honor to remix this track for them, and you can hear the remix below:

So you might have guessed it now. But “Intro No.1” is simply the instrumental from this remix. I wanted to start and end every GPS album with an instrumental. This allows up-and-coming MC’s a beat they can vibe with, freestyle over, perform with, and also is a nice way to give all the albums some symmetry.

If you like the remix you might also like our newest album “Tonight”.


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