“Vancity” highlights the duality of Vancouver.

…From the Richest of the Rich to the Poorest of the Poor, the Beautiful to the Ugly, the privileged to the marginalized, safe and dangerous, its all here…

I produced and released Vancity in 2011. I originally MC’d the entire track myself, and as I met more and more amazing artists in Vancouver, I re-recorded the track with Advocate (1st verse), Myself (2nd / 4th Verse), Lexx (3rd Verse), and Jay Kin (5th Verse). Inez Point (formerly Inez Jasper) smashed the chorus, and a friend of mine, Dal Purewal, came in to lay down the chants. The song sparked my culture of collaboration, which is a big part of the Vancouver music scene.

I’m re-releasing this song now because sadly, Advo, at the young age of 36 passed away this year. He was an incredible person as well as a talented MC. I loved working with him because I was truly a fan of him and his musical ability. I hope to release more of our previously recorded music this year, so a new generation can hear him as well.

The visuals for “Vancity” are currently in the editing phase and were shot by Fotonik Films.  We hope the visuals will properly capture the paradox that is Vancouver.  How we can have such wealth and yet such poverty and pain always weights on me.  The video will make a special point to highlight the most marginalized and neglected group in Vancouver and Canada, Indigenous Women and Girls.  There has been a big movement to bring more awareness to the genocide that is Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) in Canada, and we hope the visuals can be another tool to keep the public’s eye and government’s resources on this issue.

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