“Tonight” is about just that, having a great night out. No drama. No cap. Just Vibez.

…Fusing EDM, Hip-Hop, & Cultural Elements, A-SLAM and the Global Party Starters remix “Tonight” featuring Elise Estrada…

Tonight is about just that, having a great night out. The original was sang completely by Elise Estrada.  Thanks to all the fan luv, the track received Cross Canada Radio play, and Charted in the top 100 along side Calvin Harris and DJ Khaled.

As I get ready to record my first debut album as an MC, I just wanted to give you guys a little taste of the vibe that you can expect.  Just enter your name and email, and click ‘Download’ and you’ll be sent links to watch the Video and Download/Stream the mp3 for free on your favourite platform.

Big thank you to Kamantha for playing the lead in the video.  As always, we keep people of color at the forefront of all our projects.  Excited to bring you more great music and videos this year.

Much Luv,

Global Party Starters