‘Tera Swag’ is about that vibe.

Tera Swag Video Screen Shot

…Hip-Hop, R&B, with a Tumbi drop…

“Tera Swag” or “Your Swag” or “Your Vibe” is about the first moment when you see the love of your life. In that first glance you see more than just the exterior of the person, but the interior. The dreams, the goals, the trials and tribulations. The total history of that person is conveyed in the energy you feel during that first encounter. Before anything is actually said. I see a Queen.

I’m thankful to ishQ Bector for taking the time to make this song with me. He’s fresh off his Gully Boy Release and is one of the most respected artists and producers out of Mumbai. And thank you for all the support on this song. Even before dropping a visual, the track has already passed 30 000 streams online!

I’m blessed to work as a full-time DJ in Vancouver, and the video features 3 weddings I played at, one from 2018, one from 2019, and one from earlier this year.

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Much Luv,