Vancouver-based Pop/R&B artist

From a young age, Talia Leigh was interested in music, photography and videography, putting on plays and concerts for her parents from her living room and her love of cinematography, borne from creating videos with a green screen her dad had gifted her. She began playing the piano very young, which she studied for 12 years with the Royal Conservatory of Music. Taryn learned the violin throughout high school and played in the school orchestra, taking part in several high school productions. Taryn’s passions for music and singing greatly progressed after high school. She successfully auditioned for Universal music producer, Adam H, and recorded three singles with him under his imprint label XOXO entertainment. The songs allowed Taryn to perform as the opening act for other artists on the label, performing at various festivals across Metro Vancouver. She also performed at several artist showcases and went on to become a finalist in the “The Beat 94.5 Music Awards.”

In University, her love for music continued, furthering her studies in music theory, classical composition and electroacoustic music After achieving her university degree in Communications, Writing and Theatre, Taryn went on to be cast in a local film and star in a variety of commercials both in acting and voice overwork. During the COVID-19 restrictions, Taryn began working with Vancouver-based music producer, A-SLAM, on a project specifically for Film and TV placements. The pair completed their single, “Tell Me Baby,” while also creating a promotional video and graphics to promote the song to American-based sound libraries. Recently, the song was signed to Future Hits, a library headquartered in New York, and they have already started pitching the song to music supervisors. The team at Future Hits have also asked Talia for more music as they feel her sound is very licensable.

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Future Hits Mix – Fall 2021 from Future Hits on Vimeo.

Talia Leigh’s song with A-SLAM “Tell Me Baby” was recently signed to Future Hits, and featured in their official promo as one of the top songs in their catalogue (timecode 1:04).