Juno-Nominated and Western Canadian Award-winning Hip-Hop/R&B DJ, Artist and Producer.

A-SLAM Album CoverA-SLAM is a DJ, producer, and up-and-coming artist, that fuses his Western & South Asian roots. He made a name for himself as a DJ in the World music scene, fusing Hip-Hop beats with Bhangra & Bollywood samples. His unique blend of fusion music was noticed by several Indigenous artists who wanted to do the same with their culture. This led A-SLAM to work with Sto:lo Nation artist Inez, receiving a Juno-nomination and a Western Canadian Music Award for the project. Last year, A-SLAM released his debut solo album ‘4 U’. The release was supported by Creative BC and FACTOR. Currently, A-SLAM is DJing across Metro Vancouver, incorporating live performance of his original songs to close out his DJ sets and promote the album.

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A-SLAM Album Cover“I created 4 U with two ideas in mind. I wanted to create something that would be fun to perform live, but that could also work for sync licensing. There has been a wave of South Asian and Bollywood influences in Western movies, TV, Reality TV and commercials. There are English movies and Western-focused TV shows with South Asian leads, cast members and even full casts of South Asian actors, catered for the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) population. However, many of these shows lack the type of fusion music needed to accompany the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures portrayed on screen. So in addition to an energetic live show, I hope that my album can also add a new dimension to the East meets West movement that we see on screen.”




A-SLAM’s song Tonight featured in Yasmina during the dancefloor club scene (3:42). He also created a custom song for the film’s credits (5:50).

A-SLAM’s music featured in the final dance scene of Bollywood Beckons, as well as the ending credits.

A-SLAM’s music featured in this commercial promoting the desiFEST music festival in Toronto. He also recorded the custom voiceover for the commercial.



“Northwest Coast Story” celebrates how Indigenous People, survived the genocide and systematic murder of their children and culture, through Residential Schools. The song was created in collaboration with Lady Sinncere, Christie Lee and Aaron Ross.

4 U is an ode to mothers, and the single for the 4 U Album, blending South Asian elements with 2000s Hip-Hop/R&B influences.

The song “Home” uses the details of Maple’s story, to talk about the larger issues of toxic masculinity and violence against women. The song also pulls information from Vancouver’s Battered Women’s Support Services, as well as Leslie Morgan Steiner’s Ted Talk, “Why domestic violence victims don’t leave.”

“Can’t Kill Me” is a powerful anthem about Indigenous resistance, cultural resilience, and survival. The track is dedicated to our Murdered and Missing Women and Girls, in Canada and around the world.

“’Bout Us” is the true story of a Love that overcame culture, caste and religion…against all odds. The song and video talk about the cultural stigma of marrying outside of one’s religion, especially in the South Asian community.