“Top Off” is about attacking the ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ culture that is taking over social media.

…Hard Raps, Fat 808s, and message that is more and more important…

Top Off plays on similar themes to our last collab with Faze, “Get Money.”  We worked on both songs at the same time, wanting to attack all the clout chasing that is happening on social media, especially Instagram.  Offset and Cardi B explore similar themes in their new single “Clout.”  Flexing rentals is a great example. But the deeper problem is doing things solely for the views. It’s a dangerous game that has major real word consequences, that we’re seeing more and more.

Me and Faze both took years off from the music industry, and are making big come-backs this year, so that is the second major theme of “Top Off.”  It’s a reminder to stay up on us this year, cause we coming.

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Big shout out to Anjali for blessing us with an amazing vocal, and of course REKing on those drums.

Much Luv,

GPS Music